Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World

May 1, 2007

Wanna Taste My Cupcake

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I know that sounds perverted, don’t blame me, blame Bingo Hag and their song about vegan cupcakes!


January 26, 2007

She Dreamt She’d Marry a Cupcake

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From Teen Magazine, this must be the slippery slope that conservatives are always talking about in reference to gay marriage. Men marrying men! Women marrying women! What’s next? Flowers marrying cupcakes?! I would make a great neo-con radio host.

TEEN: What’s the strangest dream that you’ve had?
V.A.: It was so random and it felt so real. My sister was marrying a cupcake. And then a cupcake shot up into the air and made cupcake babies and there was a whole bunch of them. My dad was like, “This is a suitable husband for you.” So I married a cupcake, too!


Thanks to Queen CousCous on the ppk forums for posting about this!

October 25, 2006

Songs About Cupcakes

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This isn’t exactly the kind of music I like, it’s melodic poppy punk from the 90s and I was just too depressed in the 90s for that sort of thing. Anyway, the lyrics are cute and there is a lesson to be learned; this guy definitely needed an oven thermometer and a kitchen timer. If anyone knows these guys tell them they have a free copy of “Vegan Cupcakes” waiting for them.

Gameface – Cupcakes

I tried to make cupcakes but I had some trouble with the directions.
Yeah, I know how to read but I just couldn’t pay attention.
I saw your picture and it all came back.
I still felt hungry but I threw them in the trash.

I tried to make cupcakes but I think I did something wrong.
They came out kind of crusty.
I guess I left them in too long.
I wanted to leave them outside your front door.
I tried to make cupcakes but I’m not trying anymore.

It’s not the way it used to be.
It’s the same old recipe but it’s missing something.
I can’t understand why you got so mad and I don’t know why these things taste so bad.

I got what I deserved and I guess there’s no dessert for a guy who wants his cake but needs to learn to wait.

Pistachio Rosewater Cupcakes

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