Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World

January 26, 2007

She Dreamt She’d Marry a Cupcake

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From Teen Magazine, this must be the slippery slope that conservatives are always talking about in reference to gay marriage. Men marrying men! Women marrying women! What’s next? Flowers marrying cupcakes?! I would make a great neo-con radio host.

TEEN: What’s the strangest dream that you’ve had?
V.A.: It was so random and it felt so real. My sister was marrying a cupcake. And then a cupcake shot up into the air and made cupcake babies and there was a whole bunch of them. My dad was like, “This is a suitable husband for you.” So I married a cupcake, too!


Thanks to Queen CousCous on the ppk forums for posting about this!


  1. Oh, if I could get cupcakes to procreate….I’d raise an army of them, and then Vegan Cupakes would prevail over the political and corporate institutions of Men. A sweet utopia.

    Comment by Tim — January 26, 2007 @ 7:48 pm |Reply

  2. Tee hee. I would marry a cupcake only if I could eat the little cupcake babies. Oh god- is that vegan? To eat your own babies? Even if they’re vegan cupcakes? My brain hurts.

    Comment by bazu — January 27, 2007 @ 4:38 pm |Reply

  3. Dear Isa,

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    As a guest speaker, you would be welcome to distribute any information that you consider appropriate. We could also provide lodging, either at the sanctuary or with one of our supporting members, for your convenience.

    Thank you for all you do and have done on behalf of animals.

    Have a GREAT day!


    PD: Everybody at Animal Acres LOVE your books and we are proud to have them at our Humane Education Center. Thank YOU!

    Comment by Estela Diaz Carmona — January 29, 2007 @ 5:30 pm |Reply

  4. Those clothespin people are standing in the snow with no coats on. Brrrrr.

    Comment by urbanvegan — February 2, 2007 @ 5:46 pm |Reply

  5. That is the best story I’ve heard in awhile!

    Comment by Vegan Ronin — February 16, 2007 @ 1:52 am |Reply

  6. How tall is Daryl Hannah anyway?*:~

    Comment by Hannah Hall — June 17, 2010 @ 12:27 am |Reply

  7. how tall is Daryl Hannah? she is a very tall lady isn’t it?,–

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  9. oh my Daryl Hannah is quite a tall girl, i just seen here last month *,-

    Comment by Cameron Rogers — December 12, 2010 @ 2:17 pm |Reply

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