Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World

January 21, 2007

If You Care

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These are stocked right next to the “You’re An Asshole” baking spray.


For the record, they aren’t very good cupcake liners. They fall right off the cupcake!


November 21, 2006

Fauxstess Hat

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A genuine fauxstess hat from bittersweet blog. Get your vegan yarns and start knitting, it’s getting chilly out there. Make me one while you’re at it, come on! You know I’d do it for you.

Fauxstess Hat

Thanks to Michaela for pointing this out!

November 10, 2006


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Etsy is like Ebay only more tastefully designed and peddling only handmade things. Look at this adorable cupcake apron made from recycled fabrics. I used to not wear an apron when I was baking but then my pants ended up looking like a bra at the Michigan Womyn’s Music Fest. I’ve never actually been to that, I can only imagine. See, because womyn roll around in the mud there in nothing but bras.

Cupcake Apron
Thank you Vivacious Vegan for pointing this out!

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