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July 12, 2007

Magnolia Bakery – Sprinkles or Mouse Droppings?

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I know I shouldn’t write something so gross on a cupcake blog, but Magnolia Bakery bothers me. First of all, they use eggs and butter. It’s as if they don’t even realize that the vegan revolution is upon us. Second of all, I had a cupcake of theirs in my pregan days and it was dry. Not quite biscuit dry, but definitely dry. Third, it just annoys me in the way that designer jeans annoy me. Wait, do designer jeans still exist or is that strictly 80s? Whatever.

But they’ve been shut down by the health department, and although the owner is trying to focus the attention on the missing sink, read a little further and see that some mice are missing their droppings.

Sometimes I think people stand in line for them just to be standing in a line. This isn’t communist Russia. There are cupcakes everywhere, go celebrate your freedom. Preferably at Babycakes or ‘snice.

Babycakes cuppers, image stolen from cupcakeplanet at flickr


June 4, 2007

Chief Cupcakes Inspector

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I have lived in NY all my life and it is seemingly impossible yet indeed the reality that I had no idea what the Javits Center really was or where it was or what I was in for. It spans three city blocks and sits right on the West Side Highway, which I’ve surely walked dozens of times, so how could I miss it? I think that sometimes when you hear certain things so often (and “Javits Center” is certainly a phrase that pops up on NPR and infomercials several times a day) you just assume that you know what they are. Same thing with “school vouchers”, or “post structuralism.” I’m clueless, but if there was a lively dinner conversation about them I would just let context be my guide and assume I was an expert.

The Javits Center is the kind of building that strikes me as a wonderful structure to inhabit after the apocalypse. Steel beams, glass ceiling, glass everything actually. Terry, a convention pro, led the way as we roamed its emboothened (I just made that word up! It means “a large space that has booths”) aisles collecting books and comics, mango martinis and aprons. And I will never be for wont of a tote bag again. Thank god for swag.

Anyway, long story short, we signed books, gave out cupcakes and shmoozed. And if anyone ever told me that Clinton’s Chief Weapons Inspector would be helping me decorate cupcakes someday I probably would have thought, “Yes, of course he will.”

Scott Ritter finds cupcakes of mass destruction

Terry and I being foot soldiers

What’s that lurking in the background?


May 25, 2007

Thar Be Cupcakes Somewhere In Here

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Video from the Secret Kitchen event! I posted this on my journal as well, but it wouldn’t embed, so I’m trying here, ’cause embedding makes everything a little more important.

ETA: It still won’t embed! Oh well, here.

November 12, 2006

Night of 300 Cupcakes

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Here we have Evelyn and Jimb of enjoying cupcakes in the top secret cupcake headquarters at Freddy’s Saturday night. Don’t think that this is the last you’ll hear about Saturday night, I’m just taking it easy like Sunday evening right now. Why don’t you go on over to VeganFriendly and figure out what you’re going to eat when you’re  in NYC.


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