Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World

February 23, 2007

A Trailer For the Upcoming Movie: My Perfect Vegan Cupcakes

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Spoiler Alert! In the actual movie zombies descend upon the peaceful scenery and are fought off with vegan cupcakes. I think Cupcake 6 deserves an Oscar nod.

PS I love you, too!

February 22, 2007

Mini-donut Alert!

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If you are seeing this it means that you signed up for our “Mini-donut Alert Services (MAS).” I hope the alarm wasn’t too loud, this functionality is still in beta.

Our first sighting comes from lolo at VeganYumYum. I know I link to her too much. It’s like I don’t even have a blog, I just link to hers.


But while you are over there, check out her Vegan Vacation contest. It’s pretty damn awesome.


February 16, 2007

Valentines Wrap-Up

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I haven’t been able to post because my laptop is in repairs. I swear I didn’t spill anything on it! But my password was on there and, oh, it’s a long story. I will just make with the cupcakes.


Low-fat rosewater cardamom, from blushinmuffin


I’m not sure what the hearts are made out of. My money is on marzipan. From way opening


Crimson velveteen, from littlepretty

I didn’t make cupcakes, I made galettes. But I wrote about those on my other blog. I’m torn between two blogs!

February 6, 2007

Double Chai

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Chai takes on another meaning in these Chai Cupcakes, with a chai stencil. I always thought the Jewish symbol chai simply meant “life” but the internet told me I’m wrong, as usual. I liked when there was no internet and we could just get by with rumor, speculation and bullshittery. At least there is truth in cupcakes. These are from Akiva in Cali. I like to see people getting creative with the stencil.


Chai stencil

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