Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World

December 6, 2006

The First Sign Has Revealed Itself

Filed under: Cookbook — by isachandra @ 12:19 pm


And so it was written. And so it shall be done. Look to the clouds, other signs will surely follow. Our day is coming.



  1. That’s a little more than freaky!

    Comment by Julie Farson — December 6, 2006 @ 1:03 pm |Reply

  2. I picked this book up Saturday at Whole Foods. Made my first cupcakes last night. They were FANTASTIC. Er, yes… were. They lasted about 10 minutes

    Comment by MaxMarie — December 6, 2006 @ 1:09 pm |Reply

  3. it’s a sign…

    Comment by tofu — December 6, 2006 @ 3:16 pm |Reply

  4. That’s so cool! Congrats to Isa and Terry. Vegan cupcakes will conquer all.

    Comment by Tracy — December 6, 2006 @ 3:29 pm |Reply

  5. Three cheers for Satanic cupcakes!

    Comment by Agnes — December 6, 2006 @ 6:31 pm |Reply

  6. Praise Seitan! also, Praise Cupcakes!

    Comment by Renee — December 6, 2006 @ 7:51 pm |Reply

  7. I knew it was a devlish cookbook as soon as I tried my first cupcake. Sinful! šŸ˜€

    Comment by Deb — December 7, 2006 @ 1:40 pm |Reply

  8. Anyone who does not love this cookbook will go straight to hell–because the recipes are heavenly.

    Comment by urbanvegan — December 7, 2006 @ 2:59 pm |Reply

  9. Satanic overtones aside, Amazon rank #666 is so impressive! Go, Isa and Terry. I hope Satan’s little helpers- er, I mean Santa’s little helpers will stuff this book in many a stocking soon…

    Comment by bazu — December 7, 2006 @ 7:12 pm |Reply

  10. Here in Halifax, NS, Canada my local public library has agreed to my suggestion for purchase and has a copy of the book on order:)

    Comment by susanna eve — December 7, 2006 @ 8:39 pm |Reply

  11. cheeky little devil(s-food cupake)
    tee hee

    Comment by MaCabre — December 9, 2006 @ 2:18 am |Reply

  12. How weird that you happened to check you page at that exact moment. It’s definately an omen.

    Comment by Olivia — December 9, 2006 @ 5:46 am |Reply

  13. I hope that you remembered to sacrifice a virgin to the dark prince to say thanks.

    Comment by Katie — December 10, 2006 @ 12:58 pm |Reply

  14. Just bought and received the book. Made the basic vanilla with the buttercream frosting. They kick ass in a cruelty free cupcake sort of way. I am so glad you came out with this book. I plan to flood my workplace with as many of these wonderful morsels of vegan love as possible.

    Comment by James — December 12, 2006 @ 5:21 pm |Reply

  15. assuming this was for the VCTOTW? Is so that makes isa/terry 20% time more punk… or would that make you more metal?…


    Comment by B.A.D. — January 6, 2007 @ 2:49 pm |Reply

  16. assuming this was for the VCTOTW? Is so that makes isa/terry 20% time more punk… or would that make you more metal?…


    good luck with you spreading of veganity

    Comment by B.A.D. — January 6, 2007 @ 2:50 pm |Reply

  17. Ich besichtige deinen Aufstellungsort wieder bald fur sicheres!

    Comment by scarpe — April 12, 2007 @ 6:40 am |Reply

  18. Thank You

    Comment by Alex — April 25, 2007 @ 11:39 am |Reply

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